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16 Sep

Rethymno and Outskirts

This island provided refuge to the Goddess Rea to give birth to Zeus at its highest mountain peak! The medieval and Venetian city of Rethymno is only 1 hour drive approx. away from each airport of the island. For those who take the route of the Argonauts you sail from Pireus Athens either taking the fast ferry that within 5 hours reaches the shores of Rethymno, or you can take the root of Argo that will sail under the starry night bringing you as the day brakes to Rethymno.

A university city majoring in Humanitarian studies and economics. The students replace the swallows as the seasons change every year giving the city this way an other character apart from tourism, agriculture and farming.The city is also known as the city of the dolphins as depicted on ancient coins, But till this day Rethymno is visited by these beautiful creatures on the North and on the South coast of the region. Rethymno has approx 27000 souls and is stretched along side the second longest sandy beach of Europe. 12 km of soft sandy beaches embraced by the Cretan sea to the North, Flanked by the Ida mountain chain and highest peak of Crete to the south of the city. Beyond these mountains we have the Libyan coast of the south.

Ulysses or all modern or mythical visitors of Crete its a captivating island and its its up to you to decide how many times you will return. For all those that within them there is a trace of Ulysses of this world-Nostos the boat of Ulysses that sunk of Crete-Nostalgia rests in Rethymno. A paradise of earthly dreams away from the noise of large and restless cities and finally alone but not lonely.

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