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Crete a moden Circe
26 May

Crete a modern Circe…

For the Greeks Crete seems the most authentically Greek of all islands,it’s long history its remoteness from the ancient centers of war etc.

Crete the Big island as is its name in colloquial tongue …and big it is …spacious …fully decorated with high mountains dividing the island from North to South as well as its regions.

High snow tipped through winter,as the eye turns it is haltered by a land sky line ..

Crete a Leviathan pushed up from the sea.

The Cretans have seen everything ..The collapse of the Minoan Empire …the ancient Philosophers worshiping in its sacred caves…Romans ..the Rise of Venice …the slave markets of the Ottomans ..Nazi Paratroopers…The hippies of the 60-70s.Nothing has been spared …a skeptical censorious people today..people that emerged surviving through countless crises!

Till this day we find songs of courtly virtue -Levendia-a modern word in place of the ancient Homeric -Arete the feminine word for virtue as well as heroic and valiant,the male mate Levendis!

All this unfolds after the first radical experience with the Greek light every one has upon arrival while surprised by the simplicity in which the island surrenders its charm.
A great Courtesan ..a Circe ..Crete with the thickly carpeted wild flowers of spring,the old gnarled silver hale olive trees and without sophistry you relive the arrival of Ulysses here.

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